How To Increase Penis Girth and Length Quickly

image showing how to enlarge penis without pillsIf you really want to know how to make your penis bigger without pills, then do read this article till the end. You’ll learn the easiest and fastest way how to do it. And I know you’re in a hurry, but bear with me a little bit… First of all, you need to know the basics of penis enlargement. Your penis can do increase in size. It is made up of erectile tissues which can stretch. Your penis is not a muscle which you build. Erectile tissues and muscles are two different things. Either tissue or muscle, it can be developed through different means – that’s the main thing. Whatever your reasons to enlarge your penis, it doesn’t hurt to have a big one. I would be discussing how you can increase your penis size without pills by four [4] different ways. They are penis surgery, penis extender, penis stretching and penis pump. From my 16 years of penis enlargement, I can tell you that only one of this method works very fast and effectively. So do read through to know what I recommend. From the look of things, I don’t think you’d be interested in penis surgery, so I’ll just educate you briefly below about it. However, if you’re still adamant to go under the knife then you’re only required to shave your private hair in Step 2 below. And that’s it! Walla! 1-2 hour later after surgery, you got an extra 2 inches. Too good to be true, right? See below for more info.  

But First… Is a Bigger Girth and Length Worth It?

The burning question most men have is whether having some extra penis girth and length is worth the hassle. According to many numerous findings and feedbacks from women, the majority of them prefer a fatter penis girth – rather than length. As you can see from this viewpoint below… ‘To maximise the chances of receiving the sexual benefits it makes sense that women might prefer a larger girth penis that brings the clitoral glans closer to the friction point and also will stimulate the crura [legs] of the clitoris internally more,’ Prause explained to The Daily Beast. image showing that a bigger penis girth is betterWOW! A bigger girth, that’s it, you wondered? Well according to my long research and my personal experience, most women do admit that they prefer a wider and meatier penis than a longer one. However, a lesser number of women love a combination of bigger, fatter and longer. Now let see what actually fit the description of a normal penis size to determine what class you fall under. The stats showed that the average size penis when erect is between 5.5 – 6.2 inches long and 4.7 – 5.1 inches in circumference [girth]. If you’re in that range then you’re with most men and can definitely satisfy a woman in bed. Even if you’re are smaller than average you can still fulfill a woman in bed as long you use the right sex positions for a small penis. Also if you’re well endowed, you should not take you organ for granted and expect it to satisfy her, you need to spend time arousing her so she can accommodate you or else you’ll end up hurting her. Let me say that before you enter your spouse you should well stimulate and arouse her no matter what penis size you are. This is the #1 golden rule of sex. Also to give you some comfort, 85% of women say that they are satisfied with their partner’s size. But 45% of men are not happy with their penis size – so that’s why you’re here – or we’re here :). No problem. Let’s do something about it!  

Having a Penis Size Goal In Mind

Okay enough of my boring stats above, let’s talk about a goal you should set for your penis size. I know you may be wondering who the hell needs a penis size goal bro. Trust me you need to have one in mind. In this way, you can aim for it and work to achieve it faster. So my suggestion is to aim for a penis length of 7.5 – 9 inches and a penis girth of 7 – 9 inches. As far as length is concerned I would stick to 7.5 inches, as a longer penis would hit the cervix of a woman causing her sharp pain! Remember just a small percentage of women prefer big d*cks. Anyways, if you are aiming for a bigger size than my recommendation above then no problem I got you covered. I have the perfect tool to assist you to gain it, so stay until the end. But the size I recommend above would be really big when you reveal yourself to bring out her awe and wildcat desires.   [youtube id=”Sfb1eY4YsJM” width=”100%” height=”340″ position=”center”]  

Five [5] Penile Enlargement Methods You Should Stay Away From

Now that we’re on the same page that you wanna get BIG to feed your low confidence and amaze her – no matter she thinks you’re fine enough. As I said before I was in your shoes so I know the feeling in your heart. And it’s okay bro. I have personally tried 10 different penis enlargement methods to gain size. I’m an expert on this topic and I’m going to take you along on my journey of these methods so you can get a comprehensive understanding of why I said what works and what don’t. However, there are five methods that you need to stay from which I discussed below.  

1. Penis Surgery or Phalloplasty

In this enlargement method, you don’t have to warm up your penis except shaving your pubic hair before you get into surgery. The doctor got to see where to cut right. The good about this fast method is that you can add 2 inches of length in a day if successful. Read that again – if successful. Penis Surgery is very expensive for most men. It can cost from $3000 – $10,000. I personally don’t recommend this quick get big scheme as it comes with lots of risks, problems and side effects. Most penile surgeries don’t go successfully. You can experience infections, lop-sided enlargement, deformities, lost libido, numbness, damage nerves, impotence etc.   [youtube id=”wYetVCok02M” width=”100%” height=”340″ position=”center”]   Just think about it bro, it’s not worth it to go under the knife. You can do more harm than good. To make matter worse, the surgeon may be a fraud or malpractice doctor. They don’t care a damn, but your money.  

2. Using Weights

image of a penis enlargement weight systemBack in the days using penis weight was very popular to lengthen the shaft. Well, this method is quite an old school stuff [maybe from 1980]. This, in my opinion, is very boring and cumbersome to do. You have to stand and tie the weight onto a string and attached a noose to your penis head. But where the circumference is concerned you won’t get any or little results. The reason why is because weights pull down the corpus cavernosa tissues which should give you an extra 1 inch in length with regular use. This method is very time consuming and requires you to be in a private room for a long time for about 2-4 hours every day. Also, its very dangerous if you use a noose to attach a weight. This is also called Penis Hanging. You would need to buy a special hanging belt to do this. Many users complained of soreness and fatigue. However, I don’t advice going this way because there is a thin line to damage your erection nerves and cause ED. [Source]  

3. Penile Stretchers

image of a penis enlargement strapThere are many penis stretching devices selling online. I have tried a few of them but to no avail or results. I’m not taking penis extenders, I talking about penis stretching devices that harness the use of silicone cups, belts, noose and straps that attached to your leg. The idea is that continuous use would cause your penis to grow. Well, I have not noticed any growth. These devices you can find a lot selling cheaply on eBay. Go see for yourself but don’t get suckered into buying any. You’ll just waste your time. To begin the negatives on them, there is a penis stretching string with some nooses. The big noose goes around your neck and the small noose around your penis head. This setup you can wear through your day. Guess what, you’ll be uncomfortable at work and the small noose would slip off your penis head. Next penis stretcher is a silicone barrel that you insert into your penis. The silicone is about 2-3 inches long. Again this enlargement method doesn’t work. image of a penis enlargement silicone and cup systemThe silicone barrel normally slips off when you work or move around too much. Also, your penis would produce a lot of fluid while wearing it. Talk about having your underwear wet and feeling uncomfortable. Another penis stretcher you should be aware of is the one that harnesses the power of silicone cups and belt strap to your leg. This is another poor setup. The cup would slip off your penis if you move around too much. The thing is that for any of the above to stay on during usage, is that you have to be stationary while wearing. I have used all the stretching device above and none of them actually work. The only thing I experienced was that my penis gets swollen but then it subsides after-wards. The end result is not any noticeable gains.  

4. Penis Clamps & Metal Rings

image showing penis enlarging ring and clampPenis clamping and metal rings are popular for increasing girth. I can say that they do work but it is at the same time very dangerous. You can damage your penis tissues if you’re too hard or have on the ring for too long. Imagine having on a small size metal cock ring and you got a serious erection and then it can’t come off – and have to go to the emergency room. Nah, I’ll pass on that. Plus finding the right size penis ring can be a pain – as you may not know what to buy. However, a rubber cock ring is great for sex though to keep the erection hard. One time I tried using a cable clamp but it didn’t turn out a pleasurable experience. As I tightened the clamp around the base of my shaft it pinched my skin. Ouch! That hurts. I tried putting a rubber sleeve but eventually gave up as I don’t have the patience for that method – and couldn’t get the pressure required for maximum growth.  

5. Air Vacuum Penis Pump

image showing an air vacuum penis pumpNow we get into the age-old air vacuum penis pumps. Oh yeah, they work good for temporary gains but permanent gains can be tricky. To begin with, I was a proud owner of a Fireman penis pump back in the days. As a novice, I was excited about the temporary gains. The shaft was looking really swollen and big after immediate pumping. But after time I noticed that the enormous gains don’t “stick”. Also, I saw that my enlargement is not even – part of my penis get pulled. The gains are not evenly distributed throughout my member. This caused the middle of my boy to get fatter than the root/base. So the problem with air vacuum penis pumps is that they don’t create an even pressure for penis enlargement. Also, they can cause a lot of pain to your pubic bone as the strong suction really press the cylinder against it. I’m not sure if any manufacturer presently makes a comfortable pad sleeve to go with their air vacuum pumps. But back in the days, it was simply a durable rubber. Nevertheless, air vacuum penile pumps do help men suffering from ED or impotence to achieve an erection. And also they do work to enlarge your penis but you have to use with caution. Meaning that you should not use for more than 15 minutes per session and don’t continue to use if you are experiencing pain or swelling. Also, don’t expect great enlargement results, as you’ll only get uneven mediocre gains.  

Three [3] Effective Penis Enlargement Methods That Increase Penis Girth and Length Fast and Permanently

Now, let’s discuss the penis enlargement methods that actually work. There are three [3] of them that enlarge your girth and length quickly and permanently. When I say permanently, I mean your result will stay but when you reach your desired penis size you cannot stop abruptly. You have to keep doing the method at least 2-3 times a week as a maintenance plan. Failure to comply would cause your penis to shrink about 20-30% of gains.  

1. Penis Extender

Using a penis extender can surely increase your penis size faster. Penis Extenders have been out before 2006 and they are still selling strong. However, with this method, you have to use for 6 months to gain 1-3 inches. This penile stretching technique is slow but sure. Extenders normally come with small bars you can add or take out as needed to a device to stretch your penis ligaments. This concept derived from observing some native people who wear rings and weights to elongate their necks and ears. There are many brands of penis extenders selling online. So to choose one to buy depends on your budget as they can be quite cheap to expensive. However, based on design and comfort I would recommend the SizeGenetics Penis Extender. image showing SizeGenetics penis extender   The reason why is because you need to wear an extender for at least 4 hours a day. SizeGenetics comes with comfort pads to ensure a comfortable and snug fit. The bad about penis extender is that you have to take it out every 30 minutes for 1-2 minutes to avoid numbness or penile damage. Also, you have to shake out and slap your penis to encourage circulation too. Another con with this penis enlargement method is that you cannot wear the penis extender to work. It will fall out! It happened to me. Thank God no one noticed. You have to sit stationary during use for best results. A penis extender breaks down the cells in your penis tissues. When you rest, these cells multiply and repair themselves bigger, thus increasing in nature. [alert-announce]The bottom line is that extender work but you need a 4-hour spare time per day at least 4 days a week. Also, you can even split up the 4 hours during the day with 30 minutes each session – then take a rest – then use again.[/alert-announce]  

2. Penile Exercises: Easiest and Cheapest Way to Make Your Penis Bigger Without Pills

For centuries men have been using penis exercises to enlarge their organs. Today there are so many variations of these exercises. I saw guys from forums using all types of tools to enhance these workouts too. But you know what – I just want to keep it simple. All you need is some basic exercises for penis girth and length and stick to them for 6 months straight. At the end of 6 months, you should see 1-2 inches increment either way. Bear in mind they are great risk involved with penile exercises. You need to proceed carefully in each workout and “listen” to your organ if you’re overworking or straining it. So let’s get started…  

How To Start a Penis Exercise Workout

Using your hands, you can perform penis exercises for some fast size. This section discusses all the penile exercises you need to do to make your penis thicker and longer naturally. Also, after each penis workout session, you would actually see a difference in your penis size. This alone can keep you motivated to reach your goal. Before you commit to a penis exercise program you need to prepare yourself. So let’s go into them below –  
1. Shave
You have to shave your pubic hair so you don’t face any discomfort of hair pulling while stretching and massaging your penis.  
2. A Rice Sock
You need to get a rice sock ready to warm up your penis before exercise. Failure to warm up can damage your corpus cavernosa. So search your clothes and find an old quarter length sock. Fill it with a handful of rice and tie the end. Whenever you have to do your penis workout. Place this rice sock into a microwave and heat it for 30-60 seconds. Warning: It would be very hot when done so take it out carefully. Don’t place this sock directly onto your organ. Use another cloth and put it over your shaft then apply the rice sock to prevent burn. When the rice sock gets cooler you can remove the cloth and apply it directly to your member.  
image showing vigrx oil box3. Lubricating Oil
Applying some form of lubrication oil before penis exercises is a good idea to make the skin supple and prevent dryness. Also, a dry shaft would get itchy after pulling and stretching it. You can use olive oil in conjunction with VigRX Oil. VigRx Oil is best for girth exercises. Because it helps you to become super hard which is essential for the Squeeze Technique below.  
4. Privacy, Consistency & Time
No matter what form of penis enlargement route you take, you need to have the three [3] factors of privacy, consistency and time. If any is missing then you cannot reach your PE goal. Most likely, the privacy aspect would be your room or when you shower. The consistency part comes in working out at least 4-5 days a week for at least 30 minutes – 4 hours [depends on the enlargement method you chose]. The time condition is where you allocate the time required for your method you chose to make sure you have an effective workout and regular gains. Meaning if you plan to use a penis extender then you should spend 3-4 hours for 4-5 days for 6 months straight to see positive results.  
5. Measure UP
Before you start increasing your penis size, you first need to measure it. There are two measurements you need to take. The length and girth. You need to do this to track your enlargement progress. image showing how to measure your penisSo to make things simple, get yourself fully erected and take a ruler and measure your length from your base or pubic bone to the tip of the penis head. Write down the measure in inches and cm on your handy dandy notebook. Now for the penis girth… after that, take a string and make a knot on the end. Now use the string and go around the circumference of the half-way length of your penis. You’re measuring the diameter here. Mark where the string and knot meet with a marker. Lay out the string on the ruler and record your girth’s diameter in the notebook. Great, you’re done. There is no need to measure the flaccid length and girth of your penis. The flaccid size varies as your penis subject to different weather, conditions and moods. Furthermore, this size is not important, as only the erected penis your wife want inside of her! Lastly, on measurements, don’t be paranoid and measure everyday. Once a week measurement is better as you can actually see the difference than every day. Thus this tactic would motivate you to keep going until your desired penis size is reached.  
6. Warm Up Your Penis
The purpose of the rice soak you prepare above is to warm up your penis. The warm-up procedure makes your penis supple to take any strain you send its way. Not warming up can cause damage to your member. Well, there are many ways you can warm up your penis. Some say use a hot cloth soaked in hot water and some say sit in a hot tub. From my experience, the rice sock is more convenient and quicker to use. So take the rice sock and place it in your microwave and heat it for 1 minute. Take it out. Be careful! It’s hot. Go to your private room and place a cloth, like a t-shirt on your penis, then put the rice sock on it. The t-shirt act as a barrier from you getting burn. Apply the rice sock carefully for a minute or two. Rice holds heat very well. You would notice after a minute or so that you can remove the t-shirt and actually place the rice sock directly on your penis. Excessive heat from the rice is gone now. Now you have a nice penis warm-up sock to work with. This rice sock is res-useable! Keep it in a safe place to incorporate into your regular penis enlargement regimen. [alert-warning]Remember: Always warm up before your penis workout.[/alert-warning]  

How to Enlarge Your Penis With Your Hands [With Pictures]

Alright! Let’s get started how you can use penis exercises to increase your penis girth and length for some permanent growth.  

Types of Penis Exercises

If you do research on penis exercises, you’ll see a ton of information. Many PE forums would give you all types of exercises with different variations and accessories you need and so forth. With all these information overloads, you may wonder where the heck to start! You see I always advise to KISS. Keep It Simple Stupid. Yep. Just keep it simple. And that’s what I’m going to do here for you. I’m going to give you some powerful and simple exercises to do at home to make your penis thicker and longer naturally. Don’t get distracted by other shiny objects. Stick with these penile workouts daily and you’ll see results in a few months. Basically, there are 3 main types of penis exercise techniques – Jelq, Stretch and Squeeze.    

Jelqing Penis Exercises

Jelq is an ancient old exercise originated in the Middle East. Jelqing is same as milking a cow. Here are the steps to Jelq properly –
  • First, you need to warm up your penis with the rice sock I talked about earlier.
  • Get your penis into a semi-erect state. Preferable 60% -75%.
  • Massage some olive oil on your penis.
  • Form an OK sign with your thumb and index/forefinger finger.
  • You then take this OK sign and wrap it around your 60%-75% erected penis at the base.
  • [SECRET TIP] – Take your other hand and use the index and middle finger and press on either side of your penis base. Your fingers would split like a V here. This hand should remain firmly press against the pubic bone on either side as you milk your penis. On either side of your penis are 2 nerves that run into your penis – pressing these nerves would keep the blood in your penis and enable you to jelq properly for a long time. Normally if you jelq without press these 2 nerves you would find that you have to constantly erect yourself to 60%-75% to make milking possible. To know if you’re pressing the right point on either side of your penis, you would see that your organ immediately get harder and stay harder. Also during sex, you can press these 2 points to keep your member hard and stay hard!
  • So at this point, you have your OK grip on your penis base and the other hand pressing the 2 secret nerve points on either side of your penis…. Then with the OK grip, you squeeze firmly and slowly move the OK grip towards your member’s head. Depends on your pain and resistance, you can squeeze harder or lighter.
  • At the neck of the head, you release. You don’t go over your head as its sensitive and can cause damage to it.
  • You have finished 1 jelq above.
  • For another jelq, let your other hand with the V remains there then make the OK grip again at the base, squeeze and move to the head again. Release at the neck of the head.
  • For beginners, in the first week, you should do about 150-300 jelqs per day.
  • As you progress and your penis starts getting accustomed to the strenuous activity, you can up your level to 30 minutes per day workout with rest every 10 minutes.
  • When the Ok grip hand feels tired milking, switch it with the other.

What Does Jelqing do to Your Penis

  • Increased blood flow to the corpora cavernosa or erectile tissues that can encourage cell growth.
  • It breaks and tears your penis cells. After rest, these cells in your tissues repair themselves bigger and stronger.
  • Constantly milking of your penis would definitely increase its size over time. If you adhere to a 5-day workout plan with 30 minutes of milking, you can add over an inch to your member in 6 months. Also, your erection would become harder.

Some Common Questions About Jelqing

• How much pressure should you apply? This depends on the individual. You should apply pressure that you can tolerate and you know wouldn’t cause damage to your organ. To put it into perspective, on a scale from 0-10, apply around 5-7 force. 0 = NO Pressure Force and 10 = Maximum Pressure Force • What if I can’t maintain the 60%-75% erection during the exercise? This is a common problem many men faced. But remember the secret tip above. Use one hand to jelq and the other hand to press the 2 points on either side of your shaft. This alone would give you the edge to complete your workout. Also, you can switch hands when one hand feel tired of milking. To reiterate, it’s very imperative that you have the percentage above of blood in your penis to make jelqing work. If not, you wouldn’t get any results but pain. • What if the loose skin bothers me during milking? This won’t happen to you because of one of your hand is in the secret position I told you about above! The position of either side of your willy – V position.  

Penis Stretching Exercises

Before you start any penis exercises below, make sure you warm up with the rice sock!  

Exercise 1

  • Make sure you are flaccid.
  • Hold the head of your penis with an OK grip and stretch it straight out. Hold for 10 seconds. Release. Shake your penis out and hit it on your leg to promote blood circulation.
  • Do the above while holding the penis upwards, downwards, to your left and then to your right. Make sure you shake your shaft and hit against your leg after each hold.
  • You can do this exercise 2 times a day for 5 minutes each session.

Exercise 2

  • Make sure you are flaccid.
  • Use an OK grip and hold your penis head and pull it straight out. Use the thumb of your other hand and place it on the middle of your penis shaft and press downwards. This is called the V stretch. Hold for 10 seconds.
  • Do this V stretch 2 times a day for 5 minutes each session.
  • Remember to do the blood circulation technique in Exercise 1.

Exercise 3

  • Make sure you are flaccid.
  • Place one OK grip at the base of your penis with one hand and another OK grip at the neck of your penis head with the other hand.
  • Gently pull apart in the opposite direction. The base OK grip would go towards your body while the neck OK grip would go outwards. Hold for 10 seconds.
  • Do this penis stretch 2 times a day for 5 minutes each session.
  • Do blood circulation technique in Exercise 1.

Penis Squeeze or Girth Exercises

Exercise 1

  • Sit at the edge of a chair or bed or sit flat on the ground with your back against a wall. You need to spread open your legs to get a good grip on your penis shaft at the base or pubic bone.
  • As I said before you need to warm up your member with the rice sock for about a minute before exercise.
  • After warm up, apply some VigRX Oil to get yourself into a hard erection. If you don’ have, then use some olive oil. The harder the boner the better.
  • Use your right hand and form a reverse OK grip over the base of your penis.
  • Squeeze this OK grip as hard you can but that which cannot cause damage to your organ.
  • Hold for about 7 – 10 seconds. Release and shake your shaft around to encourage circulation.
  • Repeat with your left hand. Do this workout for about 5 minutes 2 times a day.

Exercise 2

  • Sit like above whichever way you feel comfortable with. I personally prefer sitting on the ground with the wall as my brace.
  • Warm up with the rice sock. I also gently massage on each side of my penis with my index and middle finger – forming a V with them as I stroke the sides of my organ. I find these two points to be very active in making my erection harder and longer.
  • When you’re done warming up, massage some oil on your shaft and get into a strong boner.
  • Use your right hand and reverse OK grip your penis base then use your left hand and reverse OK grip the middle of your penis simultaneously.
  • Hold this for 7-10 seconds. Release and shake your member out.
  • Repeat Steps 4 and 5 above with switching your hands this time with the positions.
  • Do this workout for about 5 minutes 2 times a day.
  TIP: While doing the girth exercises above you would notice that you’ll lose some hardness. When this happens you should slightly release your grip and squeeze your PC muscle to send more blood into your penis. As the blood flood into your organ, you should immediately apply the squeeze again. This would make your penis harder again for better results. The PC muscle is the muscle you use to control your pee. While peeing try to stop it. The muscle you use to stop it is the PC muscle. If you strengthen this muscle it can help you last longer in bed too. You can strengthen this muscle by frequently squeezing and contracting it throughout the day. It can be done while sitting watching TV or working at a desk. Actually developing the PC muscle is done by Kegel exercises or pelvic floor muscle exercises. It is advised that you should – “To do Kegel exercises for men:
  • Contract these muscles for a slow count of five.
  • Release the muscles to a slow count of five.
  • Repeat 10 times.
  • Do a set of 10 Kegels daily, three times a day.” Source WebMd
So the point is to use the PC muscle to generate fast hardness which is crucial to add girth. Another thing is that you can do the above Kegel exercise during your penis workout. Just to reiterate, you need to release the grip of your shaft when you squeeze the PC muscle – to allow the blood inside your organ.  

Penis Squeeze for Length and Girth

You have to be really super hard erected for this workout. I highly suggest you get some VigRX Oil to assist you. Massage it gently into your member in combo with some olive oil. VigRX Oil dries quickly and its not oily. The olive oil provides moisturization and suppleness after this serious squeeze technique.
  • Get yourself as hard as possible.
  • Take your right hand and wrap around the right side of your penis starting at the base and squeeze hard.
  • Hold for the count of 10 seconds.
  • Release and shake your willy around – slapping against your leg too.
  • Use your left hand now and do the same hold on the left side of your organ.
  • Hold for 10 counts then release.
  • Hit your penis against your leg a few times for blood circulations.
  • Do this exercise 2 times a day for 5 mins each workout session.
  To sum things up, penis exercises do work to increase your penis girth and length. However, it comes with a good amount of risk if you’re too aggressive. Actually here are some side effects of doing penis enlargement exercises –
  1. The first thing is a sore penis. Yes, you cannot have sex in this condition.
  2. You can experience penis bubbles or blisters. This is a build up of water under your organ skin.
  3. Blood coming out of your penis urethra. This can happen when you do girth exercises for the first time or after a long break. What you just did is that you rupture a capillary or small blood vessel. Give it time to heal up. Not to worry.
  4. A worst case scenario is that you damage your penile tissue. And you have to go to ER. Not to scare you – just take it easy. 😉
If any of the above happen, then you should take a break and wait until your penis is back to normal again before you resume.  

3. Hydro Penis Pump: Make Your Penis Bigger in One Day at Home

This is my favorite method of enlarging your penis. And you can see results in just a day! What am I talking about? Penis pump. But what kind? Not air vacuum penis pump! It called a hydro penis pump. image showing a water penis pumpA hydro penis pump works with water to create maximum pressure and force on your organ. This new enhancement device can enlarge your penis safely and effectively without pain – all in one day. Well, the one day result is temporary but you can make it last once you use it regularly for 6 months. Furthermore, there is nothing natural that can give you a bigger penis in one day without the use of surgery. The general rule is, anything you want in a hurry is not safe or would last long. Rome was not built in a day. Eat an elephant one bite at a time. Meaning… get bigger one day at a time. Be patient. Using a hydro penis pump can give you fast, quick and better penis enlargement results. I tried many PE products before and the water penis pump is the only one that works the best. Air vacuum penis pumps do suck your penis to extreme size but for some reason, the results don’t last. I had an air vacuum pump before and the problem is that there is a lot of pain when you are pumped to the maxed. Also, I find that my enlargement didn’t stay if I stop using the pump. It quickly subsides. And what happens too is that your shaft doesn’t get an even enlargement. Part of your penis can get pulled out of proportion. [alert-announce]None of the above problems happen with my Penomet hydro pump. When I get to a strong suction I don’t feel any pain. I can wear my device till my workout session ends. Also, my enlargement is balanced due to the water its using.[/alert-announce] My enlargement results stay for a long time. I just use the pump to maintain my results. As with weightlifting, you have to continue lifting weight to upkeep your gains or you’d lose the “pack o’ punch” you had. Same applies to penis enlargement. Once you gain the size you want, then maintenance is easy. Just 3 times a week for 15-20 minutes you need to use the Penomet.  

How to Enlarge Your Penis by Food

I hate to be a bringer of bad news. Foods do not enlarge your penis just by eating them. A person doesn’t get muscle just by eating lots of chicken or proteins. image showing essential foods for the penisYou have to workout. Moreso, there are not any specific foods you can actually cook in your kitchen that can add inches to your penis in 6 months or a year. Foods for your penis health are naturally found in herbs, seeds, and vitamins supplements. However, eating foods, grains, seeds, nuts and herbs that contains lots of nutrients that promote sexual health is not a bad idea. There are foods, grains and herbs etc increase erection quality, stamina in bed and hardness. Incorporating them into your regular penis enlargement workout can, of course, promote blood flow and feed your penile tissues nutrients for faster recovery and growth. These “penis foods” are called vasodilators. Here is a list of the top common sexual health and enhancement foods, herbs and seeds — [one_half]
  • Pumpkins Seed
  • Ginger
  • Eggs
  • Honey
  • Cayenne Pepper & Chillies
  • Nuts
  • Pomegranate
  • Green Tea
  • Strawberries
  • Avocados
  • Broccoli
  • Coffee
  • Salmon & Oysters
  • Onions
  • Muira Puama
  • Damiana Leaf
  • Folic Acid
  • Zinc
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids
  • Ginkgo Bilbao
  • Coenzyme Q10
  • L-Arginine
  • Horny Goat Weed
  • Yohimbe & Yohimbine – I would not recommend these as they have side effects like rapid heartbeats, heart attack etc.
  • Panax Ginseng
  • Catuaba
  • Oats
  • Maca

10 Ways How To Use These “Penis Foods” Above

  1. I personally make a drink with ginger and honey and drink in the night for harder erections and increase semen volume. So drinking a cup of this tea is perfect after your penis workout.
  2. You can fry 2 eggs for breakfast and eat with your toast.
  3. You can mix 2 tsp honey in a glass of milk and have before bed or with your breakfast.
  4. Make a cup of coffee for breakfast.
  5. Drink a multivitamin supplement everyday.
  6. Remember your fish oil tablet is important for heart health. A good heart pumps blood for strong erections.
  7. Munch on some strawberries and pomegranate.
  8. Use Chillies in your food when cooking. They are good for blood circulation.
  9. Salmon and oysters are a must to have in your diet for penis health.
  10. Buy the natural herbs in the list above and use in your food or make tea with them. You would need to do some Googling about herbal tea concoction etc. Also, alternatively you can buy a herbal supplement already formulated specifically for your penis enlargement assistance and enhancement.

Conclusion: Your Best Option Without Penis Enlargement Pills

If you want to enlarge your penis at home naturally to make it thicker and longer then you need to put in the dedication and effort required. As I explained above the methods ranging from penis surgery, penis extender, penis stretchers, penis exercises and penis pumps… [alert-note]I find that the hydro penis pump is the best penile enlargement method.[/alert-note] When I say best, I mean its safe and effective. There are many hydro penis pumps on the current market, however, the Penomet [which I own] or the Bathmate are the two options you should choose between. The Penomet is the best one for the value with 5 gaiters sleeve to create different suction levels. And the Bathmate comes with the best budget option and the most expensive with ultimate comfort. The Penomet 5 gaiter feature is imperative to get bigger fast. Also, it’s like having 5 different pumps in 1. The Bathmate hydro pump comes with one gaiter which limits you to one suction level. And when you want to go to another enlargement level you have to buy another pump!
Penomet Review
image showing Penomet water penis pump

Product Name: Penomet

Product Description: The Penomet is a hydro penis pump. This means that it works with water. It comes with an interchangeable gaiter system in that you can choose between 5 gaiters to alternate smartly for a more effective way to help increase your penis size and cure impotence. Apart from enlarging your shaft, it makes it harder and stronger. Going from beginner to advanced level is simply a snap of changing a gaiter sleeve.

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The Penomet pump is best to use in the shower for about 15-30 minutes a day for at least 4 times a week. With this routine, you can gain 1-3 inches or more in penis size in 6 months. This hydro pump is perfect if you’re 4.5 inches and above and want to enlarge your member up to 9 inches.

  • Ease of Use
  • Suction Power
  • Quality & Safety
  • Comfort


  • Can gain up to 9″ Length and 2.5″ width [6″-7″ girth] when combined with VigRX Plus enlargement pills.
  • Got an interchangeable gaiter system for better enlargement
  • Has 5 gaiters — like having 5 penis pumps in one.
  • Each gaiter takes your enlargement to another level.
  • Is not painful to use like air vacuum penis pumps
  • Refund Policy is 60 Days.
  • Lifetime Warranty on Gaiters
  • 3 Years Warranty on Cylinder.
  • Only need to use for 15 minutes to see amazing results!


  • Can only be used with water for best suction
  • Only use in the shower
  • You would need to sign up for my ebook in the form on this page to get my secret techniques on how to use this water pump effectively. If you don’t, then you would have a problem creating maximum suction — which can be frustrating.
  • Not recommended for users with a small penis (4.4″ or smaller). You should check out the Bathmate Hydromax5 instead.
  • Not Available in Stores
However, if you are broke and don’t have money to buy the Penomet, then you should adhere to my penis exercise guide above. Don’t get dissuaded or impatient! Here is a great option… if you got a little money to spend then the Bathmate Hydro7 is a great buy.
Bathmate Hydro7
image showing Bathmate hercules hydro pump

Product Name: Bathmate Hydro7

Product Description: The Bathmate Hydro7 [formerly Bathmate Hercules] is one of the first hydro penis pumps on the market – since 2006. It works with water while you’re in the shower or bathtub. This is one of the cheapest water pumps and a great option if you’re are on a low budget. From this device, the company improves its design and quality in the Hydromax and Xtreme models.

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The Bathmate Hydro7 is a great starter hydro penis pump. The enlargement gains you would get from this device is about 2 inches wide and 8.5 inches long. Also, you need to be about 5-7 inches to use this pump for maximum effectiveness.

  • Ease of Use
  • Suction Power
  • Quality & Safety
  • Comfort


  • A great starter pump
  • Best option to buy if you’re on a low budget
  • 15 minutes workout session per day only
  • 60 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • 1 Year Product Warranty


  • Don’t have interchangeable Gaiter System
  • Comes with only one gaiter sleeve
  • Can only be used in the shower, bathtub or jacuzzi
  • The gaiter force is mediocre.
  • Water bill can be high without my ebook
Penultimately, another factor to consider is to lose weight if you are overweight. Get in shape. Try to get a six-pack. Doing so will shrink your belly and make your penis look bigger. Your spouse will admire your body instead of your average size organ. [alert-success]So to conclude, if you don’t want to use male enlargement pills to help increase your penis size, then the best option is to get a Penomet hydro pump and incorporate some of the top penis foods above in your diet for fast penile recovery and growth.[/alert-success]